The objective of Productive Human Endeavour Limited is to provide the banking industry with the benefits derived from the experience that John C Perry - Managing Director - has gained by having worked for over 37 years in HSBC serving in the Group Head Office as well as in its principal subsidiaries in Asia, Middle East, Europe, South and North America, as well as providing consultancy services to the industry through UK Finance (British Bankers Association).

My expertise and focus is on "Enterprise Governance & Management" (EGM) and how it comprises of 10 levers that comprises the "machinery of banking in motion", in essence "the principles of banking".    

  • Consultancy services with respect to all of the "machinery of banking".
  • Advisory services with respect to the role that technology can play to put in place an Enterprise Governance & Management (EGM) system. 

Charitable Services

John's personal objectives are to work with and promote Charitable Services focussing on

  • Afasic in his role as trustee and member of the board. The Charity supports the parents of children and young adults with Developmental Learning Disorder (DLD) - including Speech, Language and Communication Needs (SLCN)  
  • Speakers for Schools

Working Together

I am available to 

  • Join your board and/or become an adviser to your board, and /or specific non-executive directors,
  • Provide support to a senior executive who might wish to have an independent opinion on any matter,
  • Collaborate with those in the academic arena - universities, think-tanks, committees etc, focussing on the banking sector, including sitting on panels,
  • Give talks including after-dinner speeches on specific topics of interest,
  • Review books, magazine articles and papers focussed on banking.
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