Consultancy Services - "The Machinery of Banking"

Productive Human Endeavour Limited provides Consultancy Services with a focus on "Enterprise Governance & Management" (EGM), comprising of 10 levers that are the "machinery of banking in motion", in essence "the principles of banking" that has at its heart the assessment of the risk vs rewards balance. 




  • Structuring effective oversight and segregation of responsibilities of Boards, committees, management and independent reviews; and thus comprehending the “lines of defense”.


  • Deciding the purpose of the organisation and its role in a sustainable society through an assessing of its strengths and weaknesses. Determining the appetite for risk vs rewards

Organisation structure

  • Determining the appropriate establishment of legal entities, businesses, functions to ensure optimal segregation and the avoidance of conflicts of interest


  • Differentiating the uniqueness and yet overlaps between activities, customers and products.


  • Defining, assessing and measuring all forms of Risk - including Legal Risk

Balance sheet management

  • Managing the assets, liabilities and capital resources and the determination of capital adequacy

Technology, processes, operations, information

  • Focussing on operational risks - and in particular the human factor 

Human endeavour

  • Motivating employees to be productive and comprehending the benefits and dynamics of teamwork

Performance measurement

  • Quantifying the risk v reward balance as evidenced in the reported Profit & Loss statements as well as in other measures such as shareholder value, and contribution to society


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