Life is made up of events, both expected and unexpected.

Life is a risk.


The rewards for the risks we as individuals, organizations, societies and countries take sometimes do not turn out as we would have predicted.


Comprehending the risk / reward balance is the heart of the human experience in our personal, professional and spiritual lives.


It therefore helps to have a process, a signal, for each risk / reward balance.


The use of RED / AMBER / GREEN (a "RAG status") to assist in assessment of that risk / reward balance is in common use. 


The logo is styled on the theme of a traffic light.


It is based on the idea that if in the pursuit of "productive human endeavour" you can know when to  

  • stop and think very carefully, or 
  • take heed of warnings or 
  • go forward with confidence.

then you should be in a better position to take appropriate action and ensure that it is you are influencing the future.


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