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"The machinery of banking in motion"

In April 1885, a book was published: THE COUNTRY BANKER - HIS CLIENTS, CARES, AND WORK - from an experience of forty years by GEORGE RAE. He wrote in the introduction his book:


My purpose in writing this book is not to formulate afresh the fundamental principles of banking, but rather to show these principles in operation; - to exhibit, so to speak, the machinery of banking in motion.


In pursuance of this endeavour, I have availed myself of illustrative matter, gleaned from the incidents of an experience, now stretching over forty years, of the life and work of Country Banking, in its relations with customers and shareholders, the officials in its employment, and the general public.


My desire is less to advance special views of my own, than to exemplify, from fresh points of observation, the accustomed lines and recognized limits of prudent banking; a rational observance of which would have rendered the bank failures of our time fewer in number, less scandalous in their revelations, and less calamitous in their results".


Productive Human Endeavour Limited provides Professional Services with a focus is on "Enterprise Governance & Management" (EGM), comprising of 10 levers that are the "machinery of banking in motion", in essence "the principles of banking".    

  • Consultancy services with respect to all of the "machinery of banking".
  • Advisory services with respect to the role that technology can play to put in place an Enterprise Governance & Management (EGM) system. 

So, having set the scene, if you and or your organisation would like to utilise my 38 years experience of my life and work in International Banking, to explain the "machinery of banking in motion". please contact me to see how I can help.


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