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Despite all the technology in the pursuit of productive endeavour, it is the human factor that sits in the middle that makes the endeavour of "banking in motion" to have the capability to be productive. That is why my view is that the most valuable asset of your organization is the human factor - your employees and those who are contracted to you in a committed way. Their knowledge and experience is invaluable. Most of the time, they should be perfectly capable of working in teams to monitor the signals of the 10 levers that provide you with the status of the machinery of banking in motion and thus when to

  • Stop and think very carefully, or
  • Take heed of warnings or
  • Go forward with confidence

in order to make the changes necessary to ensure that a bank is moving in the correct direction and you are influencing the future. However, that presupposes that signals are the right ones, the colour coding is appropriate and thus "the principles of banking" are understood.


So why do you need Productive Human Endeavour Limited to provide you and / or your company with a professional service? The answer is because it helps to listen to wise words of 38 years of experience, to challenge established thinking and listen to new ideas.  


No man is so foolish, but may give another good counsel sometimes; and

 No man is so wise, but may easily err, if he will take no other counsel but his own”.

 (written by Ben Jonson. (c. 11 June 1572 – 6 August 1637 - a Jacobean playwright, poet and literary critic, of the seventeenth century)


Experience is something that can not be bought. It is earned through a career of 38 years practice, in which practical lessons are learned from actually managing the machinery of banking in motion. Click onto the tabs to read about my practical experience on the "machinery of banking".


Productive Human Endeavour Limited provides you with the opportunity to utilise my expertise on the principles of banking so that your organisation can ensure that it has the appropriate colour-coded signals to enable the "machinery of banking to stay in motion".


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