10 levers of the "Machinery of banking in Motion"

The smooth functioning of a machine requires that all of its components are working properly and that they are all correctly connected and the interconnectivity is comprehended. The "machinery of a bank” is no different to ensure that it is “in motion".


The Board set the course and the Management work in the engine-room to ensure that machinery is working correctly. There are 10 basic components of this machine. Each can be thought of as a lever that needs to be monitored with a signal so that when appropriate the lever can be moved to ensure forward motion.


The signals are designed to indicate when to

  • Stop and think very carefully, or
  • Take heed of warnings or
  • Go forward with confidence.


The 10 levers - "the machinery of a bank in motion" - "the principles of banking" 


  • Outside influences 
  • Governance
  • Strategy
  • Organisation structure
  • Businesses
  • Risk
  • Balance sheet management
  • Technology, processes, operations, information
  • Human endeavour
  • Performance measurement


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