At the very root of all productive human endeavour within all societies is the interaction of four basic ingredients, people, natural resources, inventions and processes that been ever-present since mankind first walked upon this Earth.


These ingredients create risk that is integral to our daily life. Every person assesses risk in order to reap the rewards either for themselves, those who they care or provide for, those they work for or those whose cause they fight for – in all senses of the word.


Predictions about the future reward / risk balance is at the heart of the human psyche. Humans remember the past, live in the present and dream about the future, in the hope that the future will turn into a past that is consistent with that dream. Humans continually make those predictions taking into account their experience, intuition and the innate skills that humans possess; and many also utilise the outcomes of mathematical models. Yet above all else, there is a need for common sense, for a conceptual soundness in the reasoning of those predictions.


The reality is, of course, that only rarely does anything turn out the exact way you expect. More often than not, the rewards that one receives - for the risk taken - fall within acceptable range of the expected. However, life occasionally results in events outside that range. Those events are the experiences that shape our lives. Providing they don’t kill you, then we tend to take a look at the risk again and begin the process to assess the reward / risk balance again and move on in our life.


It therefore helps in that prediction process to have a signal for each risk / reward balance to assist you in the prediction process, in order to determine, whether you should stop and think very carefully, or take heed of warnings or go forward with confidence.


Productive Human Endeavour Limited is here to help you, your company and society comprehend the risk / reward balance.


Together let us recognise the signals and in turn work together in.............


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